Dansk crohn colitis database, crohn colitis


Ph.d.-forløb i DCCD


Lene Buhl Riis, læge, ph.d.

Titel: Genotype and phenotype, pregnancy and disease course. A European cohort study of IBD patients. www.danmedbull.dk.

Ida Vind, læge, ph.d.

Titel: Genetic, serological, and environmental factors in a Danish inception cohort of patients with inflammatory bowel disease,2003-2005. www.danmedbull.dk.

Tine Jess, læge, dr.med.

Titel: Cancer, mortality and disease course in epidemiological Crohn´s disease cohorts, 1962-05. Comparison of two epidemiological cohorts in Copenhagen County and Olsted County.


Nilo Følsgaard, læge, ph.d.

Titel: National Crohn and ulcerative colitis incidence cohort 2007-2009, first year outcome of surgery and complications. Impact of defensins and environmental factors on occurrence and disease course in IBD.


Christian Jakobsen, læge, ph.d.

Titel: Occurrence, course and prognosis in children 1998-2009, inception cohort study in East Denmark.


Sarah Caspersen, cand.med

Titel: National infliximab cohort in Denmark from 1998-2005.

Tanja Stenbæk Hansen, cand.med

Titel: Impact of environmental factors on disease occurrence in an incident IBD cohort from 2003-2005 compared to a matched healthy background population.

Nynne Nyboe Andersen, cand.med

Title: Occurrence of demyelinating disease in IBD after treatment with Infliximab.

Johan Burish, cand.med

Title: Construction and validation of a web-based epidemiological database in Europe for inflammatory bowel diseases.

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